Web Design Laboratory



It corresponds widely from logo · banner production to site design · layout. We aim at creative and user-friendly designs.


We will improve business efficiency by efficiently systematizing your business flow such as customer management, contract management, operation progress management system.


We propose a variety of cloud services such as AWS, and we will try to improve efficiency such as employee management and customer management.


We will strongly back up your mail-order business such as new EC site construction, existing EC site renewal.


Apply appropriate appealing points to search engines, increase search inflow from the web, and contribute to your business expansion.


Utilizing the power of social network that is increasingly strong in recent years, we will try to efficiently link SNS and acquire new information and customers.

What is design?

It is often thought that design is only gorgeous looking, but it is a word that originally means design. Desk design, life plan design etc, all are designed by creator's idea.
Also in the Web world, the site design creates one website by designing everything on the site including images, layouts, sentences, systems, databases, usability and user experience.

Design suitable for your height.

I believe that systematizing business flows is the best way to improve all efficiency in business. However, making everything systematable becomes troublesome maintenance and management, and it becomes rather inefficient, so it is important to determine where automation is not done. Please feel free to consult us first.

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