Media uploader for video-on-demand distribution create by MikuniLabo

Media uploader for video-on-demand distribution

We have developed an uploader for video submission to a video-on-demand service specialized for amateur sports.

We have implemented API management with the Brightcove Video Cloud service to realize media management for each user (traffic submitter).

(January 2019 - June 2019)

AWS(EC2・RDS・Amazon Linux)
Google Maps API
VideoCloud CMS/DI/Playback API

Video content distribution management system created by MikuniLabo

Video content distribution management system

We have created a video content distribution management system that can be operated by commercial broadcasters.

Clients have traditionally used Excel to manage data, reducing time costs and greatly improving productivity.

(May 2016 - September 2017)

Youtube Data API
VideoCloud CMS/DI/Playback API

Employee schedule/process management system created by MikuniLabo

Employee schedule/process management system

We have created a system that centrally manages employee schedules, products in charge of manufacturing, participating projects, etc. at each location of a precision equipment manufacturing company.

Clients are using Excel or Backlog to manage employees, and want a system that can be linked to their own products and can be as close as possible to the conventional Excel display and display it on the Web as a Gantt chart. I was there.
Also, most of the users are smartphones, so we adopted a UX design that is easy for users to operate.

(January 2018 - December 2018)

Angular Gantt
Twitter API
Instagram Data API

Design suitable for your height.

I believe that systematizing business flows is the best way to improve all efficiency in business. However, making everything systematable becomes troublesome maintenance and management, and it becomes rather inefficient, so it is important to determine where automation is not done. Please feel free to consult us first.

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